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In Defense of KonMari

A Defense

KonMari is a call to be mindful of what you own.

Do you even realize how much stuff you have? It can be surprising to layout all your make-up or work clothes or hobby suplies. It’s probably more than you are aware of.

KonMari is a call to be mindful of how you organize your possesions.

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t have duplicates is to be organized. If you can find stuff you own that meets your needs, then you don’t need to go out and buy something.

KonMari is a call to be mindful of how you care for your possessions.

You might not “get” how she explains it sometimes but caring for what you own is a great way to avoid buy more stuff. Mending and repairing is one the most green things you can do.

KonMari is not a free pass to get what you want.

Notice how my previous points talk about not buying new stuff. KonMari is a call to be mindful of what you own so you don’t need to have or get more.

KonMari will not increase garbage.

You bought it because you needed it or it entertained you (brought you joy). Did you try repairing? Did you try recycling it? Can it be donated or resold? Just because you’re done with it doesn’t mean it has to go straight to a landfill.

Where did the stuff even come from?

It was manfactured. Companies brought it into existence before you even had anything to do with it. I would like us all to stop and think: did it even need to be manufactured to begin with? Companies need to take more responsibility of what they are churning out. They cannot simply dump all the blame on the consumers for buying it.


Ignore the click bait articles. Ignore the bitter and scarcastic memes. It’s just a lady who has an idea on techniques for keeping organized. No one is coming to take your stuff or ruin your way of life.

Let’s Review

The key take aways of possession from KonMari are:

  • is it useful?
  • have you used it recently?
  • does it spark joy?

Pretty sure these override everything else. If you’re proud of the art you’ve made, it can stay. If you’re a mechanic, the garage full of tools can stay. Remember, these are immensely personal questions. This system isn’t here to take away your things. It’s here to remind you to think about and appreciate what you have.